In-store multi-touch interactive wall showing real-time global purchases from!

Allsaints Live! is a multi-touch interactive wall showcasing Allsaints' global purchases from around the world in real time. The wall engages with customers by showing them what's trending and what customers are buying on on a global level. 'What are people buying now and how can i get my hands on it'!! is the emotion we want to get out of the customer. Stats show the more popular an item looks, the more people are interested and the more sales are amassed of that item.

Allsaints Live! features both touch screen and leap motion technology which allows customers to touch and interact with what's being purchased around the world. Customers can zoom into purchases, flick through purchases and click on different countries to ultimately create a unique and innovative shopping experience.

The Leap Motion technology will allow customers to flick through screens to see the brands social media feeds. It will help increase conversion rates by allowing customers to digitally interact with products, see what's popular and ultimately entice them to try and buy!

With Allsaints' expansion into other countries, It will completely change the visual merchandising experience and concept for the brand as a whole. More importantly, it will solidify Allsaints as an innovative, digital global leader who is at the forefront of combining both online shopping and a unique in store experience.

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