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Streamlining in-store experience!

Coming from a commerce background, everything we do on a daily basis is informed by analytics, from the time the customer 'enters' the online store to the time they checkout -or don't, and why! But there is a huge disparity between the information available online and Instore. This is one of the issues we've tackled with our software, Scan Storm. The other issue our software tackles is the time customers and staff alike spend during the changing room process between checking for stock and running for different sizes. We've significantly reduced that time and streamlined the customers experience Instore.

Let me talk you through the customer journey - say Greeshma for example walks into an Allsaints store and finds three items she wants to try on, when she gets to the changing room, Ed scans the barcode of each item and allocates them to a change room. When Greeshma enters the change room she will see a tablet on the wall with all of the pieces she's chosen! If Greeshma needs assistance! She can simply call for help, which will alert the change room assistant, but The scan storm interactive software also allows Greeshma to request a different size in one or all of those items at the touch of by button. A notification will then be sent to the stockroom or floor staff who will be be able to deliver that item directly to Greeshma in minutes.

A screen will then come up where Greeshma can provide information on the garments fit and give it a star rating which will then appear on that item to help future customers make an informed decision and convert. We then give her the option to enter her email to be added to the All Saints subscriber list where her journey today can be used to tailor more personalized marketing emails.

If the item Greeshma is after is out of stock however, the tablet will give you two options, to either 'Email me when it's back in stock' or order from the online store - which then sends an automated email directly to the customer in the brands approved creative design that links directly to the item on that countries ecommerce site.

Where things get exciting for the brands is that all of this data from every single customer is then available for analysis in end of day, weekly and monthly reports that will tell you exactly what is going on in your stores! What the customers are looking at, what's not converting and why. This is first time 'real time' data has been so readily available that can be used to not only tailor the day to day experience Instore but feedback on items that can be used to inform future collections in a less frictional way.

This may seem like a fairly simple idea, streamlining the Instore experience, but while this model was designed for a higher end brand like All Saints, it's a software that can be moulded to fit to absolutely any retail brand worldwide. And this is just the first stage. We then want to look at integrating RFID tags to each item Instore, make the app transactional, offer tailored recommendations, integrate a customer service feedback app that can be used to influence staff reward programs. It's a full service Instore ap that will bridge them gap between on and offline stores not just for the customer, to create a true omnichannel business.

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